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ABOUT OUR AUTHOR: Donna Cunningham, an internationally respected astrologer with over 40 years of counseling experience, is the author of many books on metaphysical topics. Listed in several Who's Who volumes, she has given seminars on astrology around the world and won the prestigious Regulus Award for her contributions to the field. She also has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. She uses this combined background in her "Dear Abby" type column in Dell Horoscope and her ongoing series of articles in The Mountain Astrologer.

On the pages of this site, we will introduce you to e-books in general, if you're new to the experience, and to Donna's newest astrological texts and flower essence book. Donna's decision to publish only in digital format represents her personal commitment to the environment, after experiencing the changes due to deforestation in the Pacific Northwest in just a decade.

PIRACY ALERT: It has come to our attention that pirated versions of Donna's ebooks are circulating on the internet. If you did not buy it here, at AstroDataBank, or at the Online College of Astrology, it is probably a pirated version. Read more about it here.

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More about Donna's background and activities.
What reviewers are saying about Donna's e-books.
Descriptions and samples of Donna's Astrology E-Books, including her Outer Planets and Inner Life trilogy. Range from beginner to professional. Descriptions and samples of Donna's Metaphysical E-Books, including a flower essence book and mysteries that feature an astrologer. (One of the mysteries is free!)
How to Order and use our E-books, including easy, downloadable instructions with screen shots. We are a Paypal secure site. If you're hesitant to purchase on line, read our security policy and advice on internet shopping. (Check payment also available.) Free Offerings: A free astrology mystery novel in ebook format, review copies of Donna's books, a glossary for beginners, and "The Astrological Wit and Wisdom of Donna Cunningham," a 21-page sampler of thoughts and observations from our e-books.
Donna now offers a 14-lesson email course, Astrological Chart Interpretation and Synthesis. If you’ve studied the signs, planets, houses, aspects and transits, and now you need to put the pieces together, this intermediate level course is for you.
Donna's online writing seminars include both astrological and metaphysical practitioners in small groups to ensure personalized attention and group support. They include a series on writing content for your website. For those who wish one-on-one coachng, she has created a 5-lesson email course. Also see our page of useful resources for writers, including Donna's booklet of writing tips.

Visit Donna's award-winning blog, Skywriter for current astrological events, her newest thoughts on astrology and healing, and tips for writers.

“I highly recommend reading any and all of the material Donna Cunningham posts on her blog. We all got lucky when she decided to come play in blog-land!” Neith.net

CONTACT INFORMATION: Donna Cunningham is currently not available for consultations so she can focus on writing. For other questions, send her an Dynamic Drive. Headers created at Flamingtext.com For free submission of your web site to search engines, go to Add Me! - Search Engine Optimization.